The Consortium

The protection

Since 1996, the Consortium, by Ministerial Decree, has been the representative body for Pecorino Sardo PDO, and in 2002, it was officially vested with the role of protecting, promoting and developing the PDO status, as well as with guarding against any abuse, fraud or counterfeiting of the product.

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The territory

In terms of size and population density, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, but it’s also practically a mini-continent thanks to its remarkable variety of natural and human environments.

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The producers

The Consortium brings together all of Sardinia's Pecorino Sardo PDO producers. From North to South, they are all responsible for ensuring the traditional recipe is fully respected, an expression of the island’s ancient culture.

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The cheese trails

To get to know the island and its most treasured gems, the Consortium has put together a journey of discovery: starting with the Pecorino Sardo PDO producers before continuing along the "cheese trails", taking in archaeological sites, centres of art and culture, museums, as well as local and traditional festivals.

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