The cheese trails

Say "cheese"

To get to know the island and its most treasured gems, the Protection Consortium has put together a journey of discovery: starting with the Pecorino Sardo PDO producers before continuing along the "cheese trails" taking in archaeological sites, centres of art and culture, museums, as well as local and traditional festivals.

Wonderful itineraries taking in a range of historical, cultural and natural sites of interest that facilitate an easier and more immediate understanding of the link between the Protected Denomination and its Area of Origin, steeped in natural beauty, monuments and traditions.

Just click on the link below and you’ll find information on the trails as well as the PDO production and ageing facilities, including their shop opening hours, details on the types of Pecorino Sardo cheese available and any other useful information relating to the trails in that particular area.

The PDO cheese producers

View the map showing the "cheese trails" and PDO cheese producers. Find out where they’re located and how to contact them.

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